Stephanie Gindlstrasser, MA

Project manager

Core areas: Scenography, exhibition design and events


+43 664 855 96 06


With a background in art history, culture management and a master’s degree in exhibition design, Stephanie brings an expert sense for communicating content to the agency. Her concepts are characterised by the ambition to inspire the audience to critically challenge assumptions.

How do you integrate your academic background and your expertise in art history, exhibition design and cultural management into your projects?

Art history is mostly about conveying content with pictures. The more complex they are, the more complex their iconography is. The interpretation is translated from the audience’s point of view—this perspective serves as the foundation of my projects. Messages and contents are communicated by means of experiences and adventures, thereby specifically triggering emotions. Exhibition design and cultural management pick up this very concept and allow me to meet the different challenges through individual approaches and the focus on the audience.

How does your distinct cultural expertise influence your scenographic approach to crafting creative concepts?

In order to build cultural expertise, it is important to look at culture critically and to be able to filter out individual components according to their usability for future projects.

The question and the realization, which cultural concepts work and particularly why some work better than others, is essential. In this process too, the perspective of the audience is important, as it decides which scenic design aligns best with the creative concept at hand.

Especially in the brainstorming phase I think a lot in images as both analogue and digital collections of moods. This smorgasbord can be understood as a toolbox from which I chose the elements I need to find the final concept.

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