Mag. Alexandra Hörtler

CEO and Managing partner

Core areas: Cultural and exhibition design, marketing and business development


+43 664 855 96 08


Thanks to her degree in social economy and her specialization in marketing and business development, as well as years of experience in the cultural sector, Alexandra adds strong marketing skills combined with deep cultural expertise to the agency’s portfolio. As büro wien‘s Managing Director, she leverages her experience and her knowledge purposefully both internally at the company and in creating concepts for clients.

How can clients benefit from combining exhibition design and marketing?

Exhibitions done right don’t just present exponents. Rather, the worlds of experiences that we shape tell dramatized stories and create—ideally—unique experiences. My know-how in exhibition and media design allows me to develop entirely new takes on experiential spaces, exhibition, brand lands and product presentation. Outstanding exhibition concepts are constantly being developed and implemented around the world. Keeping track of this and designing state-of-the-art concepts for our clients is a key ingredient for the success of my work at büro wien.

How does your experience in the cultural sector influence your scenographic approach in your work as a creative consultant?

Culture most of the time reflects the quintessence of a society’s creative achievements. To help the beholders understand them, experimental lab situations are often generated. This way, new perspectives and unusual experiences are tested, new materials are used, and technological solutions are launched. Assisting our clients in the best possible way to translate all these novelties into strong brand experiences is an exciting challenge for me in every project.

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