2012 to 2019

Kurier Futurezone Day & Awards Show

Text: Michael Müllner; Fotos: Matthias Brenner, Romar Ferry

How do you showcase the platform for technical and digital innovations in Austria? How do you turn a historic location into a futuristic experiential environment? And finally, how do you craft a compelling dramatized concept for eleven categories and a host of laureates? These questions reflect the framework and the challenges we faced when we were set out to produce the annual Futurezone Awards ceremony.

As this event format has gained momentum, we’ve also seen a rise in attendee numbers. This confirms our inner conviction that our creation is on the right track. Original solutions that feature renderings and projection technology have been at the core of this award show for years. Several years ago, in one of the first 360° projections, a screen of bubbles hovered in the room. Theatre inspired us to create a 3D projection using a projection surface made of transparent nettle cloth, and the unusual architecture of the Erste Campus in the Quartier Belvedere neighbourhood went far beyond traditional projection formats.

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