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highest performance in the wide field of below-the-line



The core competencies of büro wien belong to the broad field of below-the-line marketing and can be structured as follows:

Events: national and international corporate events, incentives, public events, tv shows, opening events, congresses, etc.

Hybrid & Digital: innovative digital event solutions, rethought and individually developed with the latest high-end technology

COVID-19 prevention security concepts: individually tailored COVID-19 prevention concepts for events as a separate service

Communicating environments: roadshows, stage design, exhibtion design and logistics, etc.

Promotions: human resources management, tour planning, etc.

Consulting: strategic consulting, logistics planning, etc.

Green Meetings and Green Events: Both in the customer service and in the agency's internal structures, the agency pays attention to a sustainable, ecological, social and economically correct way of working and implementation. In addition to overall "green" concepts, we also offer our customers the opportunity to certify internal events and meetings.


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